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Tee’d Up – Sons of Montezuma

Although our impact is predominantly seen — and heard — at basketball games, The Show are still avid supporters of many other Aztec sports.

When it comes to football, however, it’s a little tougher to have the same impact in a +70k seat, sparsely populated, open air-stadium — especially when being heard is such a crucial aspect of what we do — but that doesn’t mean we haven’t tried. Attentive fans will remember our oversized Bombaye banner being waved near the endzone, or recall Shownana running a lap around the entire stadium and ending up with about two dozen kids joining him during the jaunt. However, it soon became apparent that it’d be wise to just do what we do best — tailgate and be loud football fans.

We couldn’t just settle with only doing that, though. A number of Show members are actually a part of the football staff, standing on the sidelines at every game — home and away. Another member has run a custom trading card station to drum up student excitement for the team and season. In addition, we’ve been involved by assisting the Aztec Football Legacy organization by offering up t-shirt designs to help promote their group, which is what this whole post is all about.

Possibly one of the most popular designs in terms of demand, the Legacy’s “Sons of Montezuma” shirt was a bit prophetic in nature, proclaiming that the Aztecs will win again. And last time I checked, they are doing just that, doing their part to make this one of the most exciting years to be an Aztec in recent memory.