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Tee’d Up – Bombaye

Over the years, The Show has provided thousands of students and fans with free t-shirts, however it all began with one — the original Aztec Bombaye tee. Inspired by the chant heard in Zaire when Mohammad Ali fought George Foreman (Ali Bombaye, which loosely means “Kill ’em Ali”), the phrase entered into The Show vocabulary during an SDSU football when an African exchange student started shouting “Aztecs Bombaye!” to rally the troops on the field. The weird thing was, every time the student chanted Bombaye, things started going the Aztecs way. A 3rd down stop here. A turnover recovery there. All of a sudden, the magic of Bombaye was realized by The Show.

Soon after, the Aztec Bombaye chant was introduced at basketball games, and it curiously had the same effect. When chanted during defensive stands, good things usually happened to the Aztecs. Not wanting to use up all of the magic of Bombaye, it was reserved for dire situations when stop were needed to preserve the lead or stop a run — and more often than not, it worked.

As a result, the phrase Aztec Bombaye became a thing of legend within The Show, and resulted in the t-shirt design you see here. Although it’s use has faded over the years, never under-estimate the power of Bombaye.