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Make your MARK on ALS

As most of you know by now assistant basketball coach Mark Fisher (son of head coach Steve Fisher) and one of the nicest people you will ever meet, has been diagnosed with ALS otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Here’s the announcement if you want to know more:

Show supporter Doug Gottlieb summed up the situation best in this tweet.

ALS is a debilitating disease and as the article linked above notes, “ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder without a known cause or cure. It generally afflicts people between ages 40 and 70, with an average survival rate of three to five years, although the progression of its symptoms can be slower in younger patients.”

Over the years the Fisher family has made an indelible mark on the San Diego State community both on the court and off and now it’s time for us to return the favor.

Join the Show and your fellow Aztecs at the Greater San Diego Walk to Defeat ALS on Sunday October 20 at 7:30 AM in De Anza Cove, Mission Bay. As the website says the 5K walk is “More than just a few-mile trek, the Walk to Defeat ALS® is an opportunity to bring hope to people living with ALS, to raise money for a cure, and to come together for something you care about.”

You can join our team or donate money to help us reach our goal of $12,414, or $1 for every person who can watch the Aztecs in Viejas Arena, here and the first 20 people who donate $40 or more will receive a free Show snapback, just email your donation confirmation to

Life isn’t always fair, but we do have the ability to fight and make a difference, not only for Coach Fisher but for the millions of others suffering from ALS. Now it’s time for the Show to leave it’s mark on ALS and we need your help to do it.


Fireball, Football, and Fireworks

Tomorrow marks the glorious return of Aztec football and the annual KGB skySHOW. This means 3 things matter to us tomorrow: Fireball, football, and fireworks.

Now it’s up to you to do your Aztec duty and get down to Qualcomm to get irresponsibly drunk at the first SHOWgate of the year at high noon. Now SHOWgates usually go down like this:



After all there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting drunk in a hot parking lot right? RIGHT. We’ve spent all summer working on some brand new stuff to debut at the first football game and let’s just say even an empty Qualcomm was impressed.


In addition to getting hammered and hurling offensive insults at any one wearing an Eastern Illinois Panthers (real original guys) shirt, the annual skySHOW will take place after the game  and let’s be real the skySHOW makes the fireworks you saw on the 4th of July look like your drunk uncle set them off in your backyard.


So get down to section B2 of the Qualcomm stadium parking lot tomorrow and ring in the college football new year the only way an Aztec knows how, with fireball, football, and fireworks.

Defend the Throne: MWC Tournament 2012

I would like to demonstrate my excitement for Vegas by smashing my face on the keyboard a few times, which I will now do:

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Thank you.

The Mountain West Conference tournament begins this week, which means The Road Show is in full effect. Thousands of SDSU fans are on their way North East to our vacation home of the Thomas & Mack Center to defend our back-to-back championship titles.

Are you aware that SDSU has won the last 2 MWC Tourneys? YOU ARE NOW. Did you know we’ve won 3 of the last 6? NOW YOU DO. We seriously run that city.

So what does that mean for you? Well, if you’re reading this, odds are you already have your plans for this weekend and have prepared your livers, made your peace with God and loaded up your cars with as much 4Loko as you can legally transport across state lines. You’ll be in Vegas. You’ll be at the games. And you’ll be drunk. Honestly that’s all we need out of everyone.

But there is strength in  numbers. So here is our tentative schedule of events for the weekend.


What, you’re not coming into town Wednesday night? What the hell’s the matter with you? APOLOGIZE FOR NOT PARTYING IMMEDIATELY. Nothing firm happening, other than getting drunk and imposing our will wherever we see fit. YOU’RE GOING DOWN, LIONS AT THE MGM GRAND. (puts on Zuma costume) (punches MGM lion in the face.) WE RUN THIS TOWN, BITCH.


We play at noon. Yes, apparently Vegas has a noon in the morning. But fuck it, this is no time for softness. Be in the T&M parking lot about 10am for tailgating and marching into the arena together. BROTHERHOOD. We play Boise, so try to find a reason to care. Pretend Anthony Drmic is the reason your first dog died. I HAVE YET TO SEE PROOF THAT THIS IS NOT HIS FAULT.
Post-game Thursday, stick around to watch the CSU/TCU game to see is next up on the Aztec Destruction train, rolling into Las Vegas Station. WHOO WHOO, THAT’S THE SOUND OF  MURDER COMING YOUR WAY.
Thursday night? Get your self a nice meal off your winnings from betting on the Aztecs that morning, then hit the craps tables with us at Bill’s. WE ARE NOTHING IF NOT CLASSY AS FUCK.


One word: Blondie’s. This sports bar at the Miracle Mile shops in Planet Hollywood does all-you-can-drink happy hour from 3-6. We play at 6, that means 2 hours of SDSU students and alums drinking all they can. WE ARE PUTTING THIS PLACE OUT OF FUCKING BUSINESS AND THAT IS A PROMISE. We dominated this bar last year and it was awesome. Alums buying beer for students. Everyone singing and chanting and generally dominating. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. BE AT BLONDIE’S BY 3, YOU GUYS.
After the game Friday, we’ll all probably be comatose. Which means time for a short nap. Then get the fuck up, have an Earl of Sandwich. Take a shower and put on your ballerest outfit. HIT THE CLUBS AND OR BARS. SKINNY TIES AND SKINNIER BITCHES.


CHAMPIONSHIP DAY. Get to the arena by 1 PM. “But the game doesn’t start until 4pm!” WRONG, COCKASS. The men’s game is at 4, but the Lady Aztecs will be playing for the crown that day too. It’s not optional that you are in attendance for this. It is mandatory. Anyone caught coming to only the men’s game on Saturday will be branded as permanently soft and shunned.
After we have swept the men’s and women’s tournament championship (after already sweeping the conference regular season championship, player of the year and coach of the year awards. HOT DAMN WE WE ARE FUCKING GREAT) it is time to bask in the glory of our achievements and take part in what as become a tradition after winning these tournaments. Reenacting that scene at the end of Oceans 11, smoking cigars outside the Bellagio. Bonus points for singing about America.

Rage hard this weekend, Show. Rage hard and strong.

No one likes us. We don’t care.



Viva Las Aztecs

This weekend, is Vegas.

Our beloved Aztecs hit the road to play some shitty team we dominate every year and it is your DUTY — not your right, not your option, YOUR DUTY — as a Showman (or Showgirl) to get your ass up the 15 and back up your university. 

Now, as a disclaimer, this is only the second-biggest Vegas trip of the year. The Mountain West Tournament in March is a much bigger deal. Why? Well we’re playing for a championship and get to play other teams, not just stupid shitty UNLV, They suck and are bad and are not good so beating them gets kind of old.

Ok, maybe it doesn’t get old.

Anyway, back to this weekend. We gon’ drank. OH WE GON’ DRANK.

And while alcohol consumption is important, there are other things to remember. For instance, did you know gambling is legal in the city of Las Vegas? It’s true! And if you’ve been betting on SDSU in our trips to Vegas in recent years (like we have) then you are a person of sound financial decision-making. Bet the Aztecs and bet BIG. When we go to Vegas we don’t just beat their team, we take their money and sex up their women and vomit on their sidewalks. HAIL!

You may be reading this and thinking, “Damn, I wish I woulda gone on this trip.” THERE”S STILL TIME, ASSHOLE. Seriously, short of your parents being killed, causing you to eventually become Gotham City’s only hope for justice, there is no excuse for not coming.


If you’re now reading this and feeling guilty for not going. GOOD. We’re all ashamed of you. 

We’ll be tailgating pregame because other than shouting and being offensive, drinking in parking lots is what we do best. Follow us on Twitter (@The__Show) and we’ll let you know our exact location that morning. One word of advice though, make sure you bring your own 4Lokos from California. Nevada 4Lokos taste of losing streaks and inferiority.

There is one mantra that matters when we are on the road: “No one likes us. We don’t care.” Of course we own that building, so there’s some debate as to whether this is a road game or not.

Regardless, get ready to get drunk and get rowdy. It’s Vegas. And WE WILL BE VICTOOOOORIOUS.

#6straight #9of10 #dominance

Go Aztecs.


Sleep Over vs Air Force

Hello Show,

I add to this incredibly inactive blog with news of this Saturday’s game vs Air Force.

Many of you know, that Air Force runs the most boring offense known to man. It originated from Princeton and has somehow made it’s way over to our resident MW service academy. Basically the strategy is this: Limit your opponents possessions and offense by running the clock down during your offensive possession and taking a high percentage shot based off quick passes beating defensive rotation. Translation: Bore everyone to death, score 50 points and try to beat the opponent 50 to 49.

ImageThe most exciting thing about this game may be the fact that we are almost guaranteed curly fries at the end. Air Force has finished last in the MW in offense pretty much every year of their existence in the league. To make things even worse, the past 5 years they have been an absolutely awful team. 

If you remember, most of the time we play Air Force we break out the “Borrriiinnnnngg, Booorrrrinnnnng, Boooorrrriinnnnng” chant relatively early in the game. 

To that end the Show cordially invites you to our sleep over during the Air Force game to show the Falcons exactly what we think about their pathetically dull offense and team.

So please dress the part.

ImageBring pillows, night caps, blankets, hell even bust out the onezies for this opportunity to make fun at our long time rivals.

Disclaimer: Please don’t hear what I’m not saying. We expect it to be loud, and intense, especially if this game is closer than we might think. But the opportunity will probably present itself to expose just how difficult it is to watch Air Force run their offense, and having a sleep over is just the way to do that.

See you all at the game, and bring a pillow.

A Time for Hate

This is gonna be the the best game ever.

San Diego State doesn’t have a rival. Or at least, it hasn’t for about a decade.

“But what about BYU? We all hate BYU.”

First of all, everyone hates BYU. We’re not special. That’s like saying our rival is traffic, or Mondays. Also, BYU already has a rival. It’s their more infinitely-more athletically successful state-mate, the Utah Utes.

Football schedule-makers have had us play UNLV on “rivalry week” for the past few years, but again, UNLV already has Nevada-Reno as their rival. We’re just the guys who kicked the shit out of them in basketball 8 of the last 9 times. (Four of those wins came on their home court of the Thomas & Mack Center, otherwise known as “Viejas North”, The Show’s official vacation home.)

So we’ve been rivalless (WORD?) for far too long, BUT NO MORE. This Saturday we rekindle our old WAC rivarly with Cal State Fresno. (They may call themselves Fresno State, but we will always refer to them as CSU Fresno.)

But what do we really know about Fresno? Well here’s a brief history: The city of Fresno was founded in 1978 by a group of racist puppy-eaters who were kicked out of Chico State for not being able to keep up with the rigorous academic course load. They decided to form a school in the mid-80’s as a front for their lucrative crystal meth business. At some point, Trent Dilfer went there. It’s also where Ryan Matthews perfected his gold medal-quality fumbling ability. Today, Fresno is world-renown for being the home of Keven Federline and meth. Did I mention the meth?

And here we are. Now we welcome these subhuman mutants into America’s Finest City in a battle for CSU bragging rights, oh and also an antique oil can for some reason. Whatever, could be worse.

But why should we waste energy hating these worthless cretins? Well for one, they think they’re better than us. No, really. Their basic attitude is, “Fine, keep your hot girls, perfect weather, delicious food, incredible nightlife, hot girls, professional sports teams, hot girls and beaches. Our football program is still better.”

Here are just a few of the notable players and coaches to come through SDSU: Don Coryell, Brian Sipe, Zuma, Marshall Faulk, Brett Swain, John Madden, Sean Payton, Brian Stahovich and Carl Weathers.

No, seriously. Apollo Creed is an #AztecForLife.

All Fresno State has is David Carr and diabetes. ADVANTAGE ZUMA.

Rivalries are what make sports – especially college sports – awesome. And I would argue that unbridled hate is the healthiest human emotion. So on Saturday, it is your duty as an Aztec to make your way to the Q, get irresponsibly drunk and hurl vulgar, possibly nonsensical insults in the direction of anyone wearing Bulldog gear.

Get yourself a crate of 4Lokos, set up camp at B2, bump Uprising on repeat and chant “RONNIE FUCKING HILLMAN” until it loses all meaning because FUCK FRESNO. WE ARE THE SHOW AND WE WILL NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR PARTYING .

Top Plays of 2010

As the new football season approaches I’ve taken some time to reflect back on some favorite memories from the 2010 season.  Keep in mind that these are not necessarily the “best” or “most important” plays.  This is just one man’s most memorable moments from 2010, and it was not easy narrowing down the list.  Here follows a countdown of my top 5 favorite plays.

5.  New Mexico – Lindley to Sampson Touchdown

This game holds special significance for me, as it occurred on my birthday.  In a game SDSU could not afford to lose, with 5 seconds left in the second quarter the Aztecs had a less than comfortable lead.  Then Ryan Lindley connected with DeMarco Sampson for a 40-yard touchdown pass as time expired in the half.

The play begins at the 0:35 mark.

4.  TCU – Rob Andrews Sack and Jerome Long  Touchdown

This exciting game took place on the same day as the Aztecs’ first basketball game of the season.  A large contingent of Show members (along with many other SDSU fans) watched this game in a packed bar in Long Beach.  The Aztecs took the early lead, and widened the margin when Rob Andrews came out of nowhere to blindside Andy Dalton.  Jerome Long would complete the play with a fumble recovery in the end zone for an Aztec score.  With the 14-0 lead against #3 TCU the Aztec fans in the house were going nuts.  People were standing on chairs, and the whole place was singing the Aztec fight song.  Though the Aztecs couldn’t hold on to win, it was TCU’s first 2 touchdown deficit in 2 years, and the Aztecs held the lead for longer than all of TCU’s prior opponents combined.  The 35 points tallied by State were also the most points scored on TCU in 2011, and until this game the entire conference (through 6 games) had only put up 23 points against TCU.

The play begins at the 0:46 mark.

3.  Navy – Lindley to Hillman Touchdown

Everyone should remember this glorious day in Aztec history.  The doubt over whether this game would actually be played, due to flooding, only served to make the event more memorable.  The Aztecs came out aggressively and took the lead with a diversified and dominant offensive attack.  As the fourth quarter began the SDSU offense executed the perfect fake play to start to put the game out of reach for Navy.  Lindley appeared to hand the ball off to Brandon Sullivan who then went over the top while Lindley stood by, casually hiding the ball.   Lindley then delivered a perfect pass to a wide-open Ronnie Hillman for the TD.  The Aztecs went on to claim the first bowl victory of the Division 1 era.

The play begins at the 1:32 mark.

2. Air Force – Ronnie Hillman 65-Yard Touchdown Run

Fans should remember this game well, as the Aztecs defeated a Top 25 team for the first time in many years.  When the Aztecs won this game I knew that this season could be something special.  There was great energy at the Q on this day, and I still love watching the highlights and listening to the roar of the crowd as Hillman takes off for the first TD of the game.  I also love the commentary by CBS’s play-by-play man, “nothing mediocre about this kid either, look at Hillman go!  Ronnie Hillman, freshman running back, breaks a tackle! Here he goes! Off to the races, the cutback, the jump, gonna be a touchdown! 65 yards for Ronnie Hillman, how ‘bout that?!”  This play was made possible by a frenzy of broken tackles and beautiful blocks.

The play begins at the 0:30 mark.

1. Wyoming – Brian Stahovich 89-Yard Punt

How often does the punter get the glory?  Brian Stahovich’s 89-yard punt may have been the play that won the Aztecs the game.  Watching this game on TV I could only laugh at the absurdity as the ball just kept going and going.  Kicking from the end zone Brian delivered the longest punt in school history, the longest in the NCAA since 2004, and the 2nd longest in MWC history (the longest being the aforementioned 2004 punt by Air Force).  Making the play even more impressive is that the snap was less than perfect, as Stahovich had to jump to make the catch.  Stahovich’s only punt of the game was enough to earn him MWC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.  Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen said the kick, “caused a 10-point swing in the game,” 10 points that turned out to be the margin of victory.

What were your favorite plays of the 2010 season?  Share your thoughts in the comments or on facebook.

Thanks for reading!