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Well before the season began, many of us had a strong desire to make it out to an early season non-conference game, and ultimately decided that this was the perfect weekend to do so. Accompanied by 20+ current Show and Showlumni, we took to the Pacific Northwest to support our beloved Aztecs. Because there were so many of us, my story may not do the weekend justice, so it is entirely possible to expect other blog posts from other Show members



Walking to our hotel. Space Needle in the distance

To me, this road trip gave me an early taste of the Mountain West Tournament in March. A good large group of friends enjoying a weekend full of debauchery, laughter, and Aztec Basketball. Myself and about 5 others flew out of San Diego as the second wave of Show late Friday evening, and arrived in Seattle around 10:00pm or so, and after another hour long ride on the Light Link Rail, finally made it to Downtown Seattle. As soon as we stepped off the trolley, I was immediately in love with the city. Christmas lights flooded the streets, and the cool brisk air gave it a true wintery feel to it; certainly nothing I was quite used to back home in San Diego. Having gone most of the day without food, we searched for a place that was 1. Open late night, and 2. Had beer. We came across a local Italian restaurant, Amantes, around midnight; which was perfect seeing as the rain had really started to come down at this point. TwoPointShow and I decided to split a pitcher after a long day of work and travel, but couldn’t decide between two of the local brews. Amantes was extremely accommodating, and gave us full 8 ounce tastes of each, and once we decided on the Manny’s Pale, we were given a very full (and I mean very full) pitcher. I would highly recommend this place, as the food was spectacular as well. I recall looking outside the window as the rain poured down and seeing this girl on the corner, unfazed by the rain, just dancing on her own and genuinely enjoying life. The other corner of the street I saw some goth dude with an umbrella, walk up to a cold hipster looking guy, and share the umbrella with him. After seeing all this go down, I could tell that the people here were incredibly nice, and that this city was something special.



Santa is an Aztec

Despite being awake for nearly 24 consecutive hours, I was one of the first to awake the next morning, eager to start the day. After enjoying the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, some of us decided to head off to the Space Needle. On our way over, we came across a funky statue. Had absolutely no idea what it was supposed to be, but in true Road Show fashion, we 100% had to mount it. We made it to the Space Needle, and the view atop was breathtaking. The 360 degree view gave us sights of the Mount Rainier, Century Link Stadium, the UW campus, and just an overall gorgeous view of downtown Seattle. There was a spot atop the Needle to get a picture taken with Santa. He asked us what we wanted for Christmas, and our wish is quite obvious. A trip to the Final Four. Next we took a walk over to Pike Place Market to grab some lunch, where we eventually settled at Lowell’s, another delicious restaurant. Pike Place was crazy. It was a sensory overload with sounds smells and sights. I almost got nailed in the face with a flying fish! Very entertaining to say the least. Afterwards we went on a short walk along the waterfront before headed to our next activity, Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour. This tour was exceptionally fun, as it was something most everyone did together. Really interesting to learn about the city’s underbelly and some of the history of Seattle.IMG_0793


Later in the night, we grabbed some dinner and headed into Capitol Hill to hit up some of the bars. This night simply put, was one to remember. Tier One. Want to give a big shout out to Alicia, our bartender at Deluxe Bar and Grill. She was simply on point, and is now a proud subscriber to this wonderful blog. Definite Honorary Show member of the weekend. After a solid start to the night at Deluxe, we made our way to Unicorn Bar, a carnival themed bar. The True MVP of the night. Fun Fact: Unicorn was featured in Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’ music video. So many highlights at this place, I don’t even know where to begin. There were many different games, one of which we gravitated to was Skeeball. Big ups to SwarleyShow, for being straight fire and making three 100’s in a row. As we played Skeeball, we ran into a couple more Aztec fans, where we took over a good portion of the bar repeatedly yelling, “STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE .” I fell in love with yelling that, and stuck with me for the rest of the trip. It’s so annoying and obnoxious, that it is absolutely perfect. A few moments later, something amazing happened. The grand discovery of the Americorn. Branden made the bold move of ordering one, and my goodness it may have been the best decision of this trip. I could 100% write an entire blog post about this drink, but I think I’ll spare you all. So many more great moments this night, from stories of gecko’s to girls touching tip of Handsome Kyle’s unicorn helmet, this was a night that has gone down in history.




Sunday morning many people did their own thing during the day recovering from the night before. I tagged along with Maui and ShoeShow where we just cruised along to further explore the city. We took a trip to the docks, and later to Gas Works park, where we saw a spectacular view looking into the city. After a bit, we made our way over to the campus, which was absolutely IMG_0763gorgeous. First order of business on campus was to find that statue to mount. We all took turns mounting it and decorating it with SDSU gear, making our presence felt.We then grabbed some lunch at Big Time Brewery, just right off of the campus. One thing I wish San Diego State had is an area right near campus with some different bars and more of a nightlife. I felt that it gave the UW college area a unique feel to it. After lunch we took a self-guided tour on the campus, and like I said before: gorgeous. The buildings looked like something out of Hogwarts, lots of open space and foliage. One of the coolest parts of the campus was right in the center, there is a big pond and in the distance is a picturesque view of Mount Rainier. We made it over to the arena, which I thought was quite nice. First thing I thought when we walked inside was that it reminded me of a movie theater. Whether it was the carpeting, or the overwhelming smell of popcorn, it definitely seemed like I was in an AMC. As we walked to the opening of the actual court, the 20+ of us belted out thIMG_0751e fight song and immediately drew attention from the crowd. People knew there were a lot of raucous San Diego State fans in the building. I would also like to give a shout out to the UW fan base for having the most awkward kiss cam of all time. So many dudes refusing to kiss the girl they were next to, and it was a good minute before anyone got a measly peck. #soft. Anyways, funny thing is that I can’t seem to remember too much of the next two hours or so, so I guess I won’t really talk about that. Later that evening, we grabbed some dinner and drinks at Finn MacCool’s, and before I knew it, it was time to head back to the hotel to rest up for our early morning flight to America’s Finest.

Happy to be on our way back home, but I will definitely miss Seattle. Overall I had a wonderful time, and thought the city was amazing. Now to cap off this blog, I’d like to include a few memorable quotes from the weekend.

“I didn’t know the 5 went all the way to Seattle.”-SHOWlani

“Yeah it goes all the way up to Oregon too.”-TwoPointShow


“I don’t think anyone is going to like us.”SHOW LEE

“I don’t care.”-SHOWlani


“Handsome Kyle literally just put on that unicorn helmet, and now attractive women are gravitating towards him.”- SHOWlan


“I grew up in San Diego but now I’m a Huskies Fan.”-Waiter



That about does it for this installment of Show On The Road. Special thank you to all those who accompanied me on this trip and helped make it so unforgettable.

Until next time,




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