Montezuma’s Revenge

I am often asked, as a member of the show if I know how lucky I am to be an Aztec right now. Well as a lifelong San Diegan, who has lived through the Leaf and LT eras of the Chargers, the chuck long period of Aztec football, the daily struggle of being a Friar faithful, as well as the rise and fold of my beloved San Diego Gulls, I can safely say this: I know exactly how lucky I am to be an Aztec right now. The question is, do you?

I was in the Pit for our game this year and I can honestly say I’ve never been to a louder sporting event. There was multiple times that my ears were literally ringing after the Lobos made a big play. That hasn’t been the case for a single game at Viejas this year. And many of you think that’s because the Show has taken a step back or is no longer what it once was, but I can tell you without a doubt that that is not true. The real problem is what goes on in the other 9,914 seats.

The atmosphere at Viejas has plateaued, much like the mesa it sits on, not because the Show fails to bring it, but because the other fans have yet to attempt to raise their game to match the intensity we bring to every game, whether we’re playing St. Katherine’s College or New Mexico for a MW championship banner. The atmosphere at the Pit on the other hand is so special because the fans know that in order to have an impact on the game they have to get loud and get loud they do. In Viejas we bring it for a full 40 minutes, while the rest of the arena golf claps until we go on a run or Polee does something insane. Despite this handicap Steve Fisher says the Show can make a difference of 10 points a game.

Imagine the impact a full 12,414 would have on a game if they screamed and stood for a full 40 minutes? Now I’m no math major, but it sure as hell would be more than 14 points, which not so coincidentally is the number we lost by in the Pit.

Later today, our Aztecs play for a title. And in all honestly this is the BIGGEST GAME ever played in the majestic halls of Viejas Arena. Yes, it is bigger than the BYU game in 2010-11 because this one is for the whole enchilada, all the marbles, or whatever other corny metaphor you can think of. In fact this is the biggest game in the Mountain West Conference’s regular season history. And in order to make the impact we need to emerge victorious we NEED YOUR HELP. We’re not ashamed to admit it because there is a maximum volume that 2,500 students can produce. If you are lucky enough to join us for the final game of the season against New Mexico, send off our seniors the right way: win or lose, 40 minutes of support for our Aztecs. We haven’t asked you all season, but we are today, GET UP AND GET LOUD, ALL GAME. Show the Lobos real fandom, passion and heart. SHOW them what it means to be an Aztec. Now there’s only one thing left to say, win, win, win cut down nets.


Today we claim the crown.

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