Fireball, Football, and Fireworks

Tomorrow marks the glorious return of Aztec football and the annual KGB skySHOW. This means 3 things matter to us tomorrow: Fireball, football, and fireworks.

Now it’s up to you to do your Aztec duty and get down to Qualcomm to get irresponsibly drunk at the first SHOWgate of the year at high noon. Now SHOWgates usually go down like this:



After all there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting drunk in a hot parking lot right? RIGHT. We’ve spent all summer working on some brand new stuff to debut at the first football game and let’s just say even an empty Qualcomm was impressed.


In addition to getting hammered and hurling offensive insults at any one wearing an Eastern Illinois Panthers (real original guys) shirt, the annual skySHOW will take place after the game  and let’s be real the skySHOW makes the fireworks you saw on the 4th of July look like your drunk uncle set them off in your backyard.


So get down to section B2 of the Qualcomm stadium parking lot tomorrow and ring in the college football new year the only way an Aztec knows how, with fireball, football, and fireworks.


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