Sleep Over vs Air Force

Hello Show,

I add to this incredibly inactive blog with news of this Saturday’s game vs Air Force.

Many of you know, that Air Force runs the most boring offense known to man. It originated from Princeton and has somehow made it’s way over to our resident MW service academy. Basically the strategy is this: Limit your opponents possessions and offense by running the clock down during your offensive possession and taking a high percentage shot based off quick passes beating defensive rotation. Translation: Bore everyone to death, score 50 points and try to beat the opponent 50 to 49.

ImageThe most exciting thing about this game may be the fact that we are almost guaranteed curly fries at the end. Air Force has finished last in the MW in offense pretty much every year of their existence in the league. To make things even worse, the past 5 years they have been an absolutely awful team. 

If you remember, most of the time we play Air Force we break out the “Borrriiinnnnngg, Booorrrrinnnnng, Boooorrrriinnnnng” chant relatively early in the game. 

To that end the Show cordially invites you to our sleep over during the Air Force game to show the Falcons exactly what we think about their pathetically dull offense and team.

So please dress the part.

ImageBring pillows, night caps, blankets, hell even bust out the onezies for this opportunity to make fun at our long time rivals.

Disclaimer: Please don’t hear what I’m not saying. We expect it to be loud, and intense, especially if this game is closer than we might think. But the opportunity will probably present itself to expose just how difficult it is to watch Air Force run their offense, and having a sleep over is just the way to do that.

See you all at the game, and bring a pillow.


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