The Show On The Road: Vegas (Part 2 of 3)

Pardon me for being late. Somewhere in between Valentines Day, another Aztec win over the Lobos, and a midweek Psychology test I have been remiss to report on our win in fabulous Las Vegas last Saturday. So without any further delay, let’s get things started.

We knew things were going to be epic when BlueAztec announced he had already purchased 30 tickets to the Thomas and Mac Center. He did this on good faith knowing that the die hards would readily take advantage of his smart planning and we did not disappoint.

Rebel Domination.

Our crew started with 4. Driving his company car we had old school member TripleShow, riding shotgun was yours truly, And bringing up the rear was SecondHalfShow and RockShow. What made this ride particularly nice is we took advantage of TripleShow’s employer who shall remain nameless, and did not pay a dime for gas the entire trip.

Here’s a very poor picture of SecondHalfShow reaching into your soul.

And of course any drive to Vegas must include a mandatory stop at the In ‘N Out in Barstow.

I’m pretty sure the only reason this city exists is to serve as a rest stop for travelers on their way from Vegas to Southern California or Visa Versa.

I wish I could say that the ride went smoothly. That we arrived at the T-Mac as soon as the gates opened and enjoyed warm ups with our fellow Show brethren. Yet some crazed BYU fan drove his car into the median and had us stuck in Traffic in Vegas and for over an hour, this was our view:

It was Brutal. Yet, we eventually made it into the Arena with minutes to spare before tip off and joined the rest of the Show in section 228. Ironically, I believe these were the seats where we witnessed our upset victory over then #8 New Mexico in last years MWC tournament. So we already had a good feel about the game. But, the moment I absolutely knew that we would win this game came even before I stepped inside the Arena. You see by now we are all familiar with Tre’Von Willis’s offcourt antics over the summer, and we all remember at home when we set up camp in his brain through out the game with signs and chants. Well I wanted to bring a little bit of that flavor into Vegas, into his city. But I was nervous because if the security at the T-Mac even had any clue as to what my sign (seen below) was communicating, I don’t think I would have made it far. Fortunately, Elite Security are consistently the most useless figures at sporting events and I knew I could count on their apathy. I went right on through and held up this bad boy for all to see.

We already had a good feeling about the way things were going to go, and so just like any other road game, we started things off with the fight song.

By now we all know how the game ends up. DJ and Kawhi take over, we make clutch free throws, and we make the Thomas and Mac Center our home once again. Seriously, we own that place. The Rebels are paying rent at this point. We felt like we had a good Show performance, and some Rebel fans on the MWC board agreed.

Anyway here are the game highlights:

And as the seconds wound down, the Show celebrated.

Top 3 parts of the above clip:

(3) My off key singing of Muse at the very end

(2) Stranger in blue announcing his post game plans in Vegas.

(1) The legendary David Pope declaring “We just beat their team! Now let’s go f*** their women!”

Seriously we had a lot of fun celebrating, by the time we left the Arena we were all so tired from chanting inside that we peacefully our way to our cars………….NOT. We did NOT do that. We danced our way out to the main entrance and in the meantime my “Choke Artist” Sign was ripped in 3 different places by angry Rebel fans. By the time I got outside I had resolved internally that I was going to part ways with it to 1 lucky Rebel fan. Some woman tried to steal it from me, then one of my colleagues grabbed it back from her, then I made peace with it and gave it back to the woman. I got it all on video. Enjoy:

Top 3 parts of this clip

(3) The drunk ass rebel cholo booing  us through out the entire clip/the guy flicking me off as I gave away the Willis sign.

(2) Busting out the “No One Likes Us. We Don’t Care” Chant.

(1) The Anti BYU chants. I love doing it. Anytime. Anyplace. A BYU Sucks Chant is always a good idea.

After that as the unhappy UNLV fans were stuck in traffic trying to escape another loss to the Aztecs, we decided we had some time to kill so we went to greet the Aztecs as they got on the bus to go home.  I got some of it on film:

Top 3 moments of the above clip:

(3) The exchange with Tim Shelton.

(2) Steve Fisher, American Hero. Giving thanks and love to all the Aztec fans that made the trip and paying extra attention to a young fan with a disability. Damn I’m proud to have him as our coach.

(1) Jamaal Franklin telling us he will try another between the legs dunk and that he didn’t get yelled at for attempting the last one.

As we said goodbye to the team, I thought to myself “Something isn’t quite right yet.” I had to leave one last impression on the Rebels before I left. As we walked back to the main entrance I then knew exactly what I had to do. I had to let remaining pieces of the “Choke Artist” sign make their final resting spot. Right where they belong.

Maybe we’ll match up with the Rebels one more time in the conference tournament, in which case I’ll wish I would have held on to that beautiful work of art. But somehow I’m at peace knowing that the last I saw it, the main portion was being taken away by an angry Rebel lady while her pimp flicked me off, and the other 2/3s were resting peacefully on the steps of our finest Vegas rental property.


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