Halloween? Mardi Gras? The Show!

The Show has blown up this year.  The SDSU student section has been worthy of praise for a while now, but with the success of the basketball team this year enthusiasm has reached an all time high.  Students are not only camping out hours in advance to obtain tickets, but are also lining up several hours before the gates open on game day, in order to secure the best seats in the house.

Hours before the gates open.

Still hours before game time.

Once inside the arena, it is a rush to the bottom of the section to get one’s desired seat.

Opposing coaches and players have certainly noticed the intense atmosphere at the “Madhouse on the Mesa” this season.  Air Force coach Jeff Reynolds was quoted as saying “I told them that the reason they were undefeated was because of them,” Reynolds said. “That’s a great atmosphere. They’re into it. That’s what college basketball is supposed to be about. Their kids are into the game and they do it the right way.”

That’s nice praise but I much prefer the comments of Utah’s David Foster.  When asked whether The Show’s antics were bothersome he said “Absolutely. Especially them chanting something personal about coach.”   The Show isn’t there to be nice.  The Show exists to help the Aztecs win basketball games.  No one likes us, we don’t care.

The Show has long been known for it’s unique, random and wacky costumes, but this season has brought a whole new crop of guised groupies.  It seems with each game the ante is upped. Taken from The Show Commandments are the guidelines on what is appropriate attire for Aztec basketball games:

Thou shalt wear two types of attire to games: red and black, or whatever the hell you want. “Show” clothing is designed to be as funny, ludicrous and intimidating as possible. Costumes, outfits, and any accessories you can dream up are definitely encouraged.

Now, sit back and enjoy as I take you through a tour of some of the latest costumes to appear in Viejas this season.

One of my favorites, custom painted clone trooper helmets.

Bombaye Skull face paint is epic.

Dilbert and an astronaut totally make sense for an SDSU game.

Ryan Lindley and Gavin Escobar get in on the fun.

No comment.

Mainstays Shirtless Show and Showdora

I love the classic hard hat. With an SDSU logo sticker for each victory.

Not sure what to say about this, except it is awesome.

The guy has a sweet cape too.

Sith Show

Not sure what this is supposed to be, but I like it.

Everyone knows Geckshow.

Fans of the Beastie Boys should recognize this getup from the Intergalactic music vid.

Progeny of the great Shownana.

Obligatory body painted drunk guys.

Face paint is good too.

More paint.

My personal favorite, WALDshOw.

Can't call it a student section without green men.

The Drive 1360 wanted to get in on The Show too.


Sombreros and painted faces near the top of the section.

Another mandatory item: wrestling masks.

Buddy the Elf. What's your favorite color?

Nice skirt.

Throwback to the Slaughter House days.

Not sure what tigers have to do with Aztecs. Awesome nonetheless.

Master Chief

So that’s it just for the last two games.  Not pictured: Aztec Joker, Yo Slamma Jamma, Red/Black guy, Santa Claus, Skullshow and many many others.


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