The Show On The Road: Victory at the Pyramid

A victory on the road against a top tier Big West team is a great way to start this blog off. About 25 show members, along with well over 1,000 alumni drove up to the Pyramid to see SDSU beat Long Beach State 81-65 in front of a record LBSU crowd.

I did my best to document the trip using my iPod touch and along the way I’ll share some poorly filmed, low quality clips I took.

Today was one of the most anticipated days to be an Aztec fan in a long time. Not only did the basketball team, who is starting their season with their first ever ranking in either poll, play their first game. But the football team took their 4 game winning streak on the road against the #3 TCU.

So we drove up to Long Beach early to watch the Aztecs take on the Horned Frogs at a local bar in downtown Long Beach.

Despite what some of the haters think, We are HUGE Aztec football fans. And this game was fun to watch from the get go. Here’s a clip of the scene at Legends Sports Bar after Rob Andrews laid the wood on that TCU ginger forcing a fumble and an Aztec Touchdown.

My favorite part is Trevor’s reaction. He missed the play because he was in the bathroom.

So SDSU put forth a hell of an effort and gave the #3 ranked team all they could handle in a 40-35 road loss. Apparently when we went up 14-0 it was the first time in over 2 years that TCU had been down by more than 1 score. Also we scored 35 points against them and the rest of the entire conference had scored 23. San Diego State football is on the rise and this is just the beginning!

On to the basketball game! We Made it to the Pyramid about an hour early and made our claim from the get go. Singing the fight song on the top of the steps toward all of the Long Beach State Homecoming happenings. I apologize for the fingers in the way. These were the first real videos I have ever taken on my iPod and I’m learning as I go here.. But enjoy none the less.

As I said, it was homecoming for Long Beach. They don’t have a football team so they celebrated with their first basketball game. The students showed up early. They call themselves the Maniacs…? Last I heard depression is a form of mania and that would make sense because with the exception of their frighting approval of some fat guy dancing at half time.. they were pretty quiet. Here’s a shot of their section:

So they were there, but they were disorganized and leaderless. Long Beach is a good team that starts 4 juniors so maybe as they do well this year and really improve next year their student section will grow along with the team.

Also Long Beach is world famous for having the tiniest scoreboard known to man.

And The Show is known for having the tiniest fan dressed as a gecko known to man

On to introductions! We sat across the tunnel from the main Aztec section, which provided some nice footage when our crowd got on their feet. Props to the LBSU security who allowed all of us to sit together even though only 15 or so had tickets there.

As you can tell, we love to sing our fight song. It’s one of the best in all of college sports.

Speaking of things we love to sing. Ever since the “Hey” song was banned at Viejas Arena for our dominance of opposing teams and their fans, we relish the opportunity to travel because nearly every band in the country plays it. Long Beach is no different:

In the future I’ll try to get better at getting a feel for a key possession and turning the camera on. Every time I tried this game the result was either a non shooting foul or a missed shot. Maybe I’m cursed.

Anyway the Aztecs were much better than Long Beach and we proved it. The Miners ran out of gas and with our depth we could have kept playing until we had to fly to Spokane. James Rahon (Or as we called him “The Great White Hope”) hit 3 straight from downtown and the Aztecs won convincingly. Here’s the last possession followed by yet another fight song and high fiving the players as they leave victorious.

All in all a great trip. And the reward for victory in Hollywood, Long Beach, Pasadena, or Los Angeles is obvious….


After sinking deep into our respective food comas. We drove home. And we wore our seatbelts the whooollllle way.

The end.


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